Aroma Swan. Мастерская персональных ароматов - духи из натуральных ингредиентов
comment Sergey Boykov, 26

"I’ve never thought, that I meet a real individual perfumer! I’ve bought perfume “Authentic man”. It has interesting smell with man’s character. It is the persistent perfume. 10 ml. of perfume is enough for 6 month. Now I’m ordering a second bottle with this perfume. Perfumer Catherine is polite and pleasant in communication. I recommend it!"

comment Sergey Romanov, 23

"I’ve ordered a personal perfume. I was satisfied. Smell is sweet saturated and resistant. Catherine made perfume for my preferences. I recommend it!"

comment Olga Orlova, 28

"Usually to find a good perfume is very difficult for me. So, I’ve ordered the individual perfume by Catherine Swan. I’m satisfied with the result. Catherine is very good perfumer and psychologist. She helped me to select character of a scent and minded my preferences. It is really my perfume! It’s good that formula of my perfume is kept in a secret. Thank you!!))"

comment Alexandr Sazonov, 32

"I’ve bought perfume «Sensual Vanilla» as a gift for my wife. Scent is really warm and oriental. It contains only natural essential oils. My wife was amazed, because you can’t just go and buy it in shop. Delivery is very fast. I’d like to order more in future. I recommend “Swans Perfumes” to everyone!"