Aroma Swan. Мастерская персональных ароматов - духи из натуральных ингредиентов

Girdle of Aphrodite

Price: 5 500 RUB.


«She spake, and loosed from her bosom the broidered zone, curiously-wrought, wherein are fashioned all manner of allurements; therein is love, therein desire, therein dalliance - beguilement that steals the wits even of the wise.»

Homer, “Iliad book” 14 line 215

The ancient legend says Aphrodite carried a mysterious belt. It was quintessence of love, desire, mysterious charms and passion… This belt had a unique smell of love power, which could rule not only people but gods as well. With the belt of Aphrodite Hera managed to seduce powerful Zeus.

Top Notes: Lemon and Bergamot.

Middle Notes: Rose Damascena, Rose Geranium, Lavender.

Base Notes: Patchouli.


All ingredients are 100 % natural.

Very feminine and charming perfume. Bright citrus beginning slowly opens with fresh floral and green notes, leaving spicy lure of oriental patchouli. This perfume suits for romantic but confident woman.